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About Us


At Trend Editions we are ridiculously passionate about improving the way our customers work. Our customers include: -

  • Online furniture retailers selling to both commercial and domestic markets
  • Office designers at all levels who work either on their own or as a part of a team
  • Furniture designers who market their designs to intermediary suppliers
  • Furniture makers who need to market their range of own and third party designed projects and products

Our mission is to engage and educate our market place through open and honest communication. We will always push our software and development skills. We make sure that we know our customers’ needs and what we can do to make their experience a valuable one.


“Working perfectly with our software", we offer a range of Augmented Reality based app development services and extensive modelling services so our customers can become as highly competitive as current technology will allow.

Our core skills are in software innovation and we aim to lead our customers through the AR space by deploying a range of apps that are second to none in their ability to enhance our customers project and product offerings.


As a company, we are already experts in software systems to manage design through to delivery to the retail customer. Our software systems help companies like ASOS, Top Shop, Next, Arcadia and many others get good designs into the shops and online and service the supply needs of those customers and their customer demands dictate; this is our business. Applying the same systems, experience and processes to homeware, combined with the latest AR technology, will set us apart from other online software providers.

At a senior level our business is steeped in both skills and experience having been involved as pioneers in (product and architectural) Virtual Reality and Computer Aided Design going back to the late 1990s. Since then technology has moved forward fantastically and skills have broadened with AR being introduced only in its current practical form only in the last few years having originally been introduced by NASA for aircraft navigation.


We are 100% committed to developing the most state-of-art range of AR apps available to the SME furniture market. We acknowledge that very large furniture companies will develop their own apps with will be highly suited to their particular businesses, we do not set out to compete in this market. Our customers will benefit from the amount of investment and revenue streams we develop which will enable us to be as good if not better than those mentioned above.

The UK furniture industry is a £20bn market and only 6% of sales take place online; that means 94% of trade takes place in traditional bricks and mortar businesses on the high street. As we all get more and more comfortable buying online, especially with new technology, this is going to change. So far the opportunities to buy furniture online haven't been good enough. It’s largely been done by the traditional retailers who’ve gone online, but they’re still hamstrung by the things that affect traditional retailers — slow design cycles, high costs of holding stock, low technology and high overheads; we aim to change that.

In progress at our development centre are great new apps which will be rolled out in 2018 and beyond, Augmented Reality is currently only in its infancy compared to where it will be in the next 5 years and beyond. We are aiming to bring in as much new technology as possible – Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Visualisation Techs and A.I. We fully understand that our function is to facilitate our SME customers to become more effective for less cost, selling more and making more profits as a result. New technology is making this possible and we know that we can deliver.

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