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Augmented Reality in Furniture

Use of augmented reality in business is increasing. In September 2017 Apple introduced iOS 11, which also embeds ARkit empowering the first augmented reality apps.

Augmented Reality AR offers massive benefits in furniture online retail. AR is the Gamechanger that will allow customers to feel confident about buying online; seeing the items they are considering, in situ, in their own home, before making the decision to buy. AR is a way of overlaying Virtual Reality (animated) objects onto real-world surroundings using mobile and other AR-enabled devices.

Meanwhile, according to Centric Digital in a retail study Augmented Reality in furniture is the top product people want to shop with using AR (60%). Other products include clothing (55%), shoes (35%) and jewellery (25%). So even though the AR technology is only just at a stage where it will make a massive impact, AR furniture shopping is already something known to shoppers. Certainly its early use by IKEA and others – Ashley’s and Macy’s in the US – has made the concept known to many.

Benefits of AR in online furniture shopping

  • Personalise shopping experiences
  • Entertain and amaze our customers
  • Make sure items fit and look good in site
  • Save a fortune on avoiding the need for showrooms
  • Improve the overall shopping experience
  • Be ahead of our competitors

What is Virtual Reality?

  • It provides the ability to make accurate 3D computer models
  • 3D models can have realistic surface colours and textures added
  • Models are made to an exact scale – so in proportion with real items
  • Several VR Models can be put together in an AR environment
  • Accurate VR models look totally real in an AR scene


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